Introduction: Poor Skateboards

First, the design of this skateboard is rather monotonous and simple.But monotonous and simple design can greatly reduce the cost.Skateboarding is really fun,but poor people cannot afford expensive skateboards!

Sadly,as far as I know,in the existing market,there are serious problems with the quality and construction of the cheap skateboard.Often those business are also relatively dismissive of these problems.But the skateboard structure is exquisite and firm!

So,I designed this skateboard so that people in poverty can afford it and play it safe.In order to let more people enjoy happiness.


Two wheeled wheels better carrying more weight

Three spherical handles will Provides better stability

A spinning ball can Ability to shake left and right to improve the playability of the skateboard makes him more attractive

The left and right panels bent upward can be done with some special body movements some cool skateboard rotation moves to greatly enhance their entertainment and attractiveness

Step 1: Build the Base Board

Combine left and right and centerpanels

Left 、right and middle panel width:91.22 (Unit length)

Long in the middle panel:226.57 (Unit length)

Long left and right panels:57.24 (Unit length)

Step 2: Assembly Wheels

Assemble the individual components of the wheel

Two spin wheels

Three spherical handles

Two wheeled wheels

A spinning ball

Step 3: All Combinations

Assemble all the components

One Base boards

Two wheels