Introduction: Poor Man's/woman's Wrist Band

A fabric wrist band that was really easy but i really like the way it looks!

Step 1: Steps You Need:



Electrical tape

A ruler

A safety pin

Step 2: Measuring

Make 3 strips 3/4 inch wide and as long as you want.

Step 3: The 3 Strips

Place each strip on top of each other but have the bottom one stick out a bit farther and tape around all three

Step 4: Braiding

Once you have this you start to braid all three by starting from the right and putting it in the middle and then the left to the middle and so on (im not sure if you actually braid like this but its how i did it) after you get to the end it will curl in so just push it out ward.

Step 5: Taping Again

the last part will stick out again so tape the group.

Step 6: Just Finishing

just put it on your wrist and attach the long ends together with a safety pin and your done!!! whoo! now you have a cool wristband that was really easy!

Step 7: Eagon Wuz Here

-Eagonwuzhere Productions