Introduction: Poorman's USB Cap

Here is the situation. You have lost the cap of a valuable USB thing. And you absolutely want to protect it. You then begin to look on the internet to buy a new one and, HURRAY!, you find some online. The only problem is that you don't want to take another mortgage on your house to pay the cap and the shipping. Suddenly you have a great idea. Since you are good with you hand, why wouldn't you build one on your own! The net should be filled with super idea of how to do that... But the only one you find would either left you with a USB cap bigger than a lawnmower or would force you to dip yourself in a pool of Plasti-Crap� as a DIYer ritual. If you think a little there may be a cheap and fast alternative...

So you need :
- Mechanical pencil refill container (only the cap would be OK)
- Scissors or knife
- Pliers
- Useless USB thing

Step 1: Prepping the Cap

Take the cap off of the mechanical pencil refill container.
Cut off the two little wings.

Step 2: Put the Heat On!

Turn the heat to the max on one element of your oven.
You may also clean the oven because you will obviously be taking picture further down the process and you don't want anybody on the internet to see how dirty is your oven.
Wait until the element is almost red. But red is fine. Unless you don't like red. But the element won't turn blue, even if it's you favorite color.

Step 3: Smoothening and Shaping

Take the cap with a pair of plier and get close to the element.
You can do this with your bare finger, but I don't recommend it since IT BURNS!!!
Wait until the plastic begin to "smoothen" and then you force it onto your useless USB thing.
You will have to repeat the "heating + forcing" process a couple of time before it fits well.
Once you're done, it may be a little too thight in the beginning but it loosen after a couple of insert/remove. Now it's all personnal preferences, since some prefers it real thight.

Step 4: Using the Cap

Then you are ready to protect a valuable USB something.