Poor's Man Mill

Introduction: Poor's Man Mill

Usually the people that do your beer, or homebrewers, use the manual mill to grind the malt.Some others use the a drilling machine attached to the mill axis. Works fine but over time eventually damage your drilling machine.

Step 1: New Motor ?

I found a old motor, saved from a old washing machine with 1/2 Hp and running in 127Vac.

Step 2: The Mill

This is a standard grain mill, with the handle removed, and attached a pulley with 150mm diameter.

Step 3: Wooden Stand

With an old wooden stand for CPU, I decided to adapt and fix the mill, including a new wooden support.

Step 4: Cut and Paste

For this I cut and pasted a new piece of wood, trying to leave with a nice appearance.

Step 5: Appearance

The quality was not very good in appearance, but is very functional and fixed.

Step 6: Motor->Add()

The next step was buy a "VA" belt in necessary length and mount the motor using a metal plate to fix the motor in the wood.

Step 7: Enjoy the Mill

The relation between pulleys wasn't calculated, but I imagine around 120 rpm in the mill axis.

Step 8: First Test

The belt is loose, if a crash occurs, it simply escapes, preventing motor burn.

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    7 years ago

    Looks like a good start


    8 years ago

    should consider a steel frame, welded if possible with an adjustable tensioner. could upgrade the whole bit to grind a variety of things. great idea


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes yes, it was a prototype with old things I had at home.The final cost was approximately USD 10.00 (pulley, belt and screws).

    A steel frame would be ideal, but the project can become expensive.

    Thank you