Introduction: Pop Bottle Plant Propagator (Growing Mint)

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How To Propagate or the production of more plants by seeds, cuttings, grafting or other methods.
This is a fast and easy plant propagator made from trash.
  We will be using cutting to propagate more plants form that one. We are using Mint, A plant propagator is purpose is to keep the plant upright in water and not let it sink and water logged or dry out and die.
 A little tutorial about plant propagation on step two  

tool  (scissors)
Recycled plastic pop bottle
A plant that can be reproduced by propagation i am using mint

Step 1: Step One: Plant Propagation

 Find a plant you can reproduce by cutting Propagation we are using mint.
Many Types of cuttings that can be grown from different parts of the plants, depending on the plant type.
You can propagate plants from the Root, Stem,  or even the leaf.
We are using the root of the mint plant. mint propagates VERY well, since the roots grow over the land and stalks of mint grow straight up from these. 
 I took One very long root form a mint plant cut it just below its JOINT, this is where the plant has roots or a fork or out growth, or the knuckle of a branch.
   cut just below this to include that as your new plant cutting.

Step 2: Step Two: Cutting Pop Bottle Plant Propagator

 OK, now that you got your plant cuttings all ready for propagation.
 Take your recycled pop bottle and cut the middle out of it. This is about the size of the flat part of the bottle, where the label is.
   Cut out The Whole Middle your keeping the top and bottom, (keep the bottle cap for our other inscrutable as a sprinkler head for a watering system) 

Step 3: Step Three: Assembling Pop Bottle Plant Propagator

Ok Now that you have cut out the middle of the bottle, take the top and bottom parts and push the top into the bottom all the way.
  They you go a pop bottle plant propagator, i made about 50 of these and just add your at least 3 inch plant cutting and water.
 Water level should be less then half the bottom piece. too much will rot the root.

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