Introduction: Pop Culture Magazine Rack

Make a Magazine Rack out of a medium size cardboard shipping box and newspaper comics and movie advertisements.  

Step 1: Materials

Find  a medium to small size cardboard box (preferably 11 x 8)  that will hold up two 25 magazines.  Also you will need scissors and old newspapers or wrapping paper. 

Step 2: Cut Off One Side of the Box

Cut off one of the narrower sides of the box.

Step 3: Tape the Bottom of the Box

Tape up the bottom of the box and reinforce all remaining sides with clear packaging tape.  

Step 4: Cut Off the Top Flaps of the Box

Place the bottom reinforced side of the box down and cut off the top open flaps of the box so the top is smooth.  

Step 5: Cut the Sides of the Box to Create Diagonal Lines

Cut along each side of the box diagonally from the bottom outside corner to the top inside corner. A steeper angle may be used depending on the size of the books or magazines that will be used.

Step 6: Choose Your Magazine Rack Wrapping

Cut out newspaper comics or movie advertisements and wrap the box in those newspaper sections.   

Step 7: Paint a Gloss or Let the Paper and Work Age for All Time

Place the magazines in the newly created pop culture magazine rack.  You may also choose to paint a clear layer of gloss varnish in order to keep the paper from fading and maintain its sturdiness.