Introduction: Pop Socket Compatible Phone Stand - Silly Solutions/ Connectors

We all know this. You buy a pop socket for your phone to fit in with all the "cool kids" nowadays. but whenever you want to put your "cool phone" on a regular stand, it doesn't work! the pop socket gets in the way of everything and now you have to re-adjust the stand! what a hassle! well, fear no more with this over-engineered phone stand! You put your pop socket on the indent of the blue part, then, your phone acts as one of the supporting sides. you can also take off the blue part and insert the vent clip into the blue part. now you can also put your "cool phone" on a car air vent! this build is pretty comprehensive and slightly complicated.

if at any point during this walk-through you get confused, please check out the link





willpower (lots of it)

Step 1: Red Thingy

it is red now, but I change it to blue in a bit. you start with essentially a square. you then put an indent where the pop socket would normally go on a normal phone stand. next, you add a tiny keyhole for the vent attachment. finally, you put an indent on the back to give a place for the support to dig into

Step 2: Vent Clip

This is optional, this is also interchangeable, it doesn't necessarily have to be a vent clip. you start by making the keyhole attachment, then make the clips, then add them can switch out the clip part for something else like a hook to... well... hook.

Step 3: The Bottom Bits

you make the back support, it is pretty simple, just a stick sticking out of a rectangle. Next, you make the stand, you need a place to catch the phone or else it will slide, make that. Then, make a space for the back support to slide into, it will be an easy storage solution (note: make the holes more than halfway so the back support doesn't fall out) After all that, you're done!

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