Introduction: Pop Tab Scale (the Real Thing)*

*authors note: credit for this style of chain tab goes to MogVonKupo from M.A.I.L artisans. i came across this method one day while looking for a better way to weave tabs that the traditional method. Immediatly after seeing this method i got started trying to figure it out, it took me about half and hour while studying the pictures  here.


A.R. 4.28 

1. Pliers
2. alot of rings get a stable starting sheet you would need at least 50 soda tabs.

from here on we will refer to the "anatomy" of a pop tab in the following manner....

the thicker end of the tab that actually connects to the can and creates the fulcrum for the opener is the top. 

the middle part is going to be called the, you guessed it, the middle. 

and the other end that you grab to open a can, will not be used so it has no name. 

Step 1: Lets Get Started

the first step to this weave is to grab 3 tabs and two (open) rings. From here on: IF YOU GRAB A RING TO USE IT, IT SHOULD BE OPEN. 

next you take a ring and string it so that it is holding on to the tab from the middle bar. take another tab and put it on the ring behind the last tab, close the ring and attach another tab to the first one in the same manner. 

what you should get can be seen below in the last picture

Step 2: Horizontal Extension (lol)

for this step you can keep going until your desired width. 

either way you go left/right, put a ring through the top post on one of the lower tabs. after the top post has a ring around it you attach another tab on the middle post like shown.
next place another ring on the top post on a new tab and then take the ring/tab and string it on the center post of the following tab that is already attached. continue repeating this step until your satisfied with the width/length. 

Step 3: Extension ^vertical^

for this step you will need to flip your work over so that the rough side of the tabs are facing up.
next take a ring and string on on the top bar of a new tab, after that string it to the middle of the first tab on the bottom row of pre-woven tabs. next i take a ring and weave it through the middle of the next tab on the bottom row of the per-woven strand and leave it open for the next tab. next the top bar of the next tab goes in the open ring *close the ring*. next a new ring goes through the middle of the next lower tab of the lower row of the pre-woven. after that is just getting used to it, when your used to it just: lather, rinse, repeat.......

Step 4: In Conclusion

well we hope you like this, please inform me if i need to improve my ible or have anything cleared up. hopefully there will be alot of things done with this.