Pop Up Card (heart Surprise)



Introduction: Pop Up Card (heart Surprise)

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Here is a simple beautiful pop up card that boasts colorful hearts. The 3 d effect gives out an impression as if there exists a burst of flying hearts inside the card when it is opened. This card is a great gift for any occasions to show your love.

Here are the things you need:

Cards (A4 x 2) - preferably one white, one light color (yellow, green, pink or blue etc)

Craft knife


Double-sided tape

Scissors (optional)


Here are three template links:

Template 1: Card cover https://goo.gl/BNQK4Q

Template 2: Hearts https://goo.gl/Ip0i2b (Color printout is required.)

Template 3: Card insert https://goo.gl/DZsqIC

Follow the video for full instructions.

Happy crafting.

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