Introduction: Pop Up Heart Card

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In today's story, Coyote tried to isolate himself from his friends, but he found out pretty quickly how sad that was for him and for his friends. Coyote chose to distance himself, but lot of us aren't able to go see our friends whether we want to or not right now. It's no fun!

These popup cards are super easy to make, and maybe if you make one and send it to a friend, you'll feel a little closer even though we all have to be far away.


-two pieces of paper (construction paper or cardstock work best)

-markers, colored pencils, or crayons



Step 1: Fold One Piece of Paper in Half.

Just like you would into a card shape for any card!

It's maybe a little weird to make a card with black construction paper, but that's all I have left!

Step 2: Cut a Strip Out of Your Other Piece of Paper.

Mine was about 3 inches wide, but it doesn't matter too much.

Step 3: Fold the Strip Accordian Style.

You want to end up with 6 panels. If you have extra paper, just trim it off! My folds were about two inches wide, but it doesn't matter too much, as long as you end up with at least 6. I ended up with 7, so I trimmed one off.

Step 4: Draw Half a Heart on One Panel of Your Accordian.

Draw it with the center of the heart towards the folded edge of the top panel, and -- this is important -- make sure the heart touches both edges, otherwise the hearts won't be a chain when you unfold them!

Step 5: Cut Out the Heart Shape.

Make sure to not snip so much that you cut the edges. Unfold your paper, and you should have a chain of hearts!

Step 6: Decorate Your Hearts.

I used my metallic markers, since that's all that would show up on black paper. You probably won't be using black paper, though, so you can use whatever markers, crayons, or colored pencils you want.

Step 7: Glue the Heart Chain to the Inside of the Card.

Put glue on the edgemost halves of the two hearts on the end. Stick them down on each side of the inside of the card. Now you have a popup!

Step 8: Decorate the Rest of the Card!

Write a message on the outside and the inside. Then send it to someone you miss!