Introduction: "Pop Can" Silencer for Nerf Guns

Well, I had seen recently on Wikihow, a way to make a Nerf "silencer" from a can. It was very simple and took me only a little while. I figured I would make an instructable of this, complete with pics.

Here's what you'll need:

- A can (I used a Pepsi can for mine)
- A can opener or sharp knife
- Duct tape (optional but highly recommended)
- Acrylic paint (optional, purely for looks)

Also, a few notes before starting:

- This "silencer" is only aesthetic. It does not reduce the firing sound of a Nerf gun.
- This is not a typical barrel attachment found in guns like the Recon, Longstrike, or Longshot. This will not reduce range.
- If you fit the silencer to any of the Clip System blasters, it will universally fit all of them (excluding the Raider).

Step 1: Cutting Holes in the Can

This step is simple. First, all you have to do is cut out the metal on the top of the can using your can opener or sharp knife. Next cut a smaller hole in the other end (you'll have to use the knife for this part), roughly the same size as the barrel of the gun you're trying to fit it to so it will slide over.

Step 2: Preventing Scratches and Painting

It's most likely that if you cut a hole in the bottom part of the can that there's going to be sharp edges present. It is smart to get rid of them, and I did that by wrapping duct tape over them.

Next, you may want to paint the silencer. I used black acrylic paint for mine, but the color and type is completely up to you.

Step 3: The Final Product

When the silencer is done, it should look something like these pictures when fitted over the barrels. Note that if done well, the silencer will be hard to put on/take off, for a nice, snug fit.