Introduction: Pop Out Rainbow Skull Painting

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This did not turn out the way I wanted, but here we go!

Step 1: What I Used

-Blank canvas 16in x 20in (You can just paint a canvas back if you want.)

-Paper mask.

-Super glue.

-Neon acrylic paint.

-Normal acrylic paint.

-Halloween wood shape. (if you want, you can paint words. I just wanted more to pop out.)

Step 2: Glue

Glue up your stuff! easy.

Step 3: Sketch It Out!

self explanatory.

Step 4: Black Detail

Using black acrylic paint I took away from the mask.

Step 5: Starting With Colors

Using neon blue acrylic paint I put blue above the eyes and in the start of the chin bone.

I also grabbed the black again and deepened the eyes and added the nose.

Step 6: More Colors

Using neon purple acrylic paint I placed it around the eyes, in between the nose, and on top of the head.

Grabbing neon orange acrylic paint I put that on top of the cheek bones and a little on the forehead.

Step 7: Rainbows Everywhere

Using neon purple I dragged that down onto the chin, blend it into the blue. Then grabbing the orange I blended that into the purple.

Starting the yellow I placed that onto where the teeth are going, then I got black and detailed the teeth.

Step 8: A LITTLE Shadow

Using a tad bit of black I added a few shadows, trying not to over do it.

Step 9: Le Green

Getting the neon green I put that on the rest of the skull.

Step 10: Starting the Neon Blood

to start of the blood I put white on the face in a dripping look. (putting neon pink on soon) let the white dry.

I took this time too paint the words.

Step 11: Pink Blood

put neon pink over the white but put some more white on top of the pink to give it a shine.

Step 12: Last Step

Time for some fun!
get a hard paint brush and flick it!

any color.
any place.

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