Introduction: Pop-up Christmas Greeting Card

Greeting card made of cardboard. When you push the lever down object pops up

Step 1: Things You Need

things you need:
glue (hot or regular)
pins (flat head would probably look better)
popsicle sticks (optional)
needle nose pliers
wire clippers or snippers. you
tack, tiny drill bit or x-acto knife

For Decoration:
paint,construction paper, pencils,pens etc

Step 2: Step One : Cut Squares

1. Cut two or three squares out of cardboard any size but not too small. I used a 6" square.

Step 3: Step Two : 16 Small Squares

2. Cut 16 small square out of cardboard. I used a 1" square. Stack 4 squares on top of each other . you will end up with 4 stacks. Glue them to each corner of one of the larger squares.

Step 4: Step Three : Two Strips of Cardboard

3. Cut 2 strips of cardboard , the length of the large square x height of the stacks of cardboard. I made 6" x 1/2" strips. Glue one strip to the sides of the two stacks on the left side. Now take the second strip and roll it up in a spiral (note: if use corrugated cardboard etc go with the grain when rolling. You can score with a blade if not corrugated but don't cut too deep.) Now glue one end of the rolled strip to the top right stack. Bending toward the right. Do Not Cut

Step 5: Step Four : Making a Pop-Up

4. making a Pop-Up.

*** In the first step I said "cut 2 or 3 squares..." , You can use other things than cardboard like plastic, thinly formed clay, etc to make the Pop-Up as long as it sturdy and fits in the opening with a little wiggle room. Your Pop-Up can be double sided ***

Draw,paint and/or cut Pop-Up shapes or images that will fit between the 2 piles at the top with some wiggle room. (note: you may need to cut off some of the base of your Pop-Up, mostly from the bottom sides. So choose materials you can alter after you've finished.)
I used a 6'" square and two 1" squares stacks so i had about a 4" opening.
Large square - (2 x small square) = opening
In my case 6 - (2x1) = 4.

Step 6: Step Five : Attaching the Lever

5. With your Pop-Up completed attach a popsicle stick (or other sturdy materials.) to the middle of the base of your Pop-Up with a pin. You can use a x-acto knife or tiny drill bit to bore a tiny hole through the base of the Pop-Up and the popsicle stick to put the pin through, but not bigger than the head of the pin.
This will act as a lever for your Pop-Up.

Step 7: Step Six : Placing the Pop-up

6. Place the Pop-Up between the two strips with the lever on the right pointing up, line it up and stimulate pushing the lever down and Pop-Up popping up. Cut the second cardboard strip at a length that will allow it to move freely. Find the right leverage ,it most likely between the center to the right end. Put a hole in the level (popsicle stick) and put a pin through the bottom layer of cardboard and through the lever . Test your Pop-Up. It may take a couple tries. Don't Stick Yourself. When everything is working correctly, Bend the pointed end pin with pliers. Be careful not to damage the card. Then snip the pin to about 1/8" Be Careful When snipping the pin may fly. Best to hold with pliers or stick in cork then snip.

Step 8: Step Seven : Attaching the Top

7. Glue the top on and decorate or vice versa.
Remember these can be double sided so you can decorate front and back.

Have Fun and Be Creative.

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