Introduction: Popcorn Machine Toy

Hello everybody. With the same circuit radio recycled cardboard:
we can create other toys. This one here.

The speaker is a device that mechanically vibrates upon receiving power. Using the electronic circuit, we simulated several peaks of energy use and the vibration coming from those peaks to create a visual effect that is quite interesting.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

- A transparent plastic bottle;

- Pieces of styrofoam (will popcorn);

- Q1 = BC548 or equivalent transistor (NPN transistor for general use);

- Q2 = BC558 or equivalent transistor (PNP transistor for general use);

- FTE = 5cm speaker 8 ohms or 4 (taken from a sound box pc, old);

- S1 = simple switch (contact switch removed junk);

- B1 = 3 to 6 volts;

- P1 = 1M ohm potentiometer;

- R1 = 10K ohm resistor (brown, black and orange);

- R2 = 1K ohm resistor (brown, black and red);

- C1 = 10 microfarads electrolytic capacitor to 12 volts;

Miscellaneous: Bridge terminal to make the connections, support for cells, button to the pot, wire, solder, etc..

Note: Resistors 1 / 8 Watt power.

The circuit was mounted on a terminal strip as shown. I think it's pretty clear that the design and will offer no difficulty to those who venture to make an equal.

Step 2:

Simply solder the components on the terminal strip as shown, cut the plastic bottle so as to fit into the speaker, paste using hot glue. Granular pieces of Styrofoam and put them inside the plastic bottle cut. Then, simply connect the circuit and adjust the frequency of the pulses with the pot. The effect is pretty cool.

To look better, make a base with shoe box and embed the circuit by placing the buttons to adjust the frequency and on / off in a panel.

Hope you enjoy: