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I made an Easy Poppit Costume and the more I thought about it, I kept feeling that I was missing something, I needed a prop, so I made a Poppit Headdress, hoping to enhance my Poppit Costume.

Step 1: Supplies

It all started when I found an 8X10 square cardboard packing slip


Heavy card stock strips

glue gun


plastic condiment cups

Step 2: Getting Started

First cut 2 strips of the cardstock 12" and 14". (measure for your own head)

glue the strips inside the cardboard shap

Next cut two pieces of ribbon to tie the headress .

* please note....when I finished my headpiece It slid around slightly on my head. I ended up gluing foam strips inside to help hold it snugly to my head. You may need to "pad" the inside of the piece as well. Or perhaps start with a smaller size outer shape.

Step 3: Glue the Cups

I used a hot glue gun to glue the cups on all four sides of the piece. Finally spray paint the headdress.

Step 4: Trick or Treat

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