Popsicle Beaded Bracelet



Introduction: Popsicle Beaded Bracelet

This is a popsicles beaded bracelet.
This stylish bracelet requires the readily available colourful popsicles sticks mainly the bigger one. In addition to it you just require varieties of beads. Small felt beads, medium sized crystal beads and rose beads have been used to decorate it.

So now check out the way to make it in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

This is the complete list of material s you need for this beautiful craft.
√ Big popsicles sticks
√ Variety of beads (small, medium)
√ Cutter/Scissor
√ Ruler
√ Marker/pencil
√ Elastic string

Step 2: Cutting Across the Sticks

* Measure 2.5" from the top of the craft stick and mark it
* Cut it with a scissor
* Measure 2.5" from the bottom of the stick and mark it
* Cut the same

So now you have 2 sticks with the semi circle at one end and 1 as a rectangular piece.

Follow the steps for at least 4 popsicle sticks.

Step 3: Bisecting the Sticks

* Measure the width of the 2.5" sticks and bisect it length wise with a scissor/cutter
* Color the other side(white) of the sticks

Follow the steps for the sticks you had in the last step (Step 2). So now you should have 16 small strips.

Step 4: Chiselling on the Sticks

This is a very crucial step so be cautious.
* At just a bit above the bottom of the stick , punch a hole using a chisel and a hammer. Just hammer twice and the hole will be made. If not done, cautiously hammer it once more so that the stick doesn't get cracked.
* Using the same process punch another hole in the middle of the stick.

For all the mini sticks you need to perform the step to make these holes.

Step 5: Threading the Beads

This step is just to string the beads and the sticks one after another.
¶ For the holes at the bottom:-
* String the small white felt beads (as you see in the pic)and the sticks in an alternate manner such that you only have 3 beads in between the 4 sticks.
* Trim the ends of the elastic string

¶ For the holes at the middle:-
* String the medium pink crystal beads (as you see in the pic)and the sticks in an alternate manner such that you only have 3 beads for 4 sticks.
* After you have beaded the pink beads, insert another bead of different colour and size (Green hexagon shaped bead/rose beads). Don't trim the elastic string.
* Then follow the same steps for all the sets you have. And ultimately join and trim the ends.
And you craft stick bracelet is ready.

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