Introduction: Popsicle Grapple Hook

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a Popsicle grappling hook.

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

You will need;
-6 strong Popsicle sticks,
-3 small and similar beads
-1 long piece of yarn or string.

Step 2: Tools You'll Need

A hot glue gun or any glue you've got.

Step 3: Shape for the Shaft

You'll need a triangular shaft for supporting the other Popsicles, so first make the triangle then glue 2 Popsicles together.

Step 4: Glue the Other Popsicles

Now you may glue the other Popsicles together.

Step 5: Add a Bead

Now add a bit of glue near the tip of the Popsicle, and add a bead. The bead is to help keep the hook part up and not fall down.

Step 6: Add More Glue

Now in front of the bead put more glue and rest the Popsicle against the bead

Step 7: Add Even More Glue

Now add more glue over the tip attached to the shaft to prevent it from breaking.

Step 8: Now Repeat

Redo step 5-7 for all three side of the shaft

Step 9: Now Make a Slip Knot

Now take the yarn or string and make a slip knot. / if you don't know how, then look at the picture/

Then proceed to tighten it along the shaft

Step 10: Make 3 Half Hitches

Bow make three half-hitches almond the shaft these most likely won't come undone.

Step 11: Done

It's a fun toy I use a lot, you can hook it onto a lot of things. Hope you enjoyed!

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