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Need a more masculine card for someone in your life? Why not make one out of popsicle sticks! It looks fancy and is pretty durable. Woodburn a fun design on your popsicle stick greeting card to get just the right extra touch.

This fun card uses paper to create the hinge. You can either use a small piece of paper just for the hinge or use a larger piece to cover the whole inside the card and also hold it together. I will cover both versions in this Instructable.

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Step 1: Supplies


  • Jumbo Craft Sticks - you can use normal size ones, you will just need more
  • Wood Glue - or whatever type of glue you want to use to put the sticks together
  • Xacto Knife and Scissors - I found both handy, if you have only one or the other, you can most likely make do
  • White Cardstock - printer paper can work, it just won't be as durable
  • Masking Tape
  • Spring Clamps - you are going to need something to hold the sticks together while they dry; if you don't have these clothespins might work as well
  • Wood Burner - optional if you are going to decorate the front, you can also use Sharpies
  • Ruler - helps with some of the straight cuts, I only had plastic, but metal is nice as you shouldn't accidentally cut it with the Xacto

I will show you how to do two versions of this card. Originally I was only going to do it one way and then I decided to try another while I was at it. I'm glad I did as the second version ended up being the one I liked best. That is the one I'll show first to you.

You do the same thing to prep each card. I'll let you know when I'm deviating versions.

Step 2: Cut Sticks

Later, I will give a brief example of how to create one without any cutting, but to make the card shown in the intro, you will need to cut up your sticks.

Start by cutting sticks down to 5 inches so they have two flat ends.

You want 10 5" sticks for each card (5 for the front, 5 for the back).

Step 3: Cut Frame

For the frame you are going to need to cut:

  • 2 4.5" sticks with flat ends
  • 2 3.5" sticks with flat ends

Cut both of those sticks exactly down the middle. Using a ruler here really helps keep the line straight as your Xacto is going to want to try to follow the grain and that won't always go straight up and down. I found the middle to be about 3/8" of an inch from the side.

Lastly, we need to cut the ends so we have 45 degree angles. Luckily, my cutting board had marks on it so I follow them (4th image) and cut 45-degree angles going in on each end. Remember, this is a frame so the angles should both go opposite directions (towards each other).

Now you should have 5 5" sticks with flat ends and 2 3.5" sticks with 45-degree cuts and 2 4.5" sticks with 45-degree cuts for each side of the card (last image).

Step 4: Glue Slats Together

To start, we are going to carefully glue the 5 flat ended 5" sticks side by side. There isn't much to glue so you have to be careful.

To get everything to stay put, tape as shown in the image.

Once they are taped, carefully bend between each gap and apply a little bit of glue along the edges that will go together.

Wipe any access glue and put something flat and heavy on top of it to keep the sticks together. You can put wax paper on both sides to try to protect it.

Let this sit so it can dry.

Do this twice so you have two cards, the front and back.

You can also choose to do just one if you want it easier.

Step 5: Sand - Optional

The cut edges can get a little sharp, you can sand those edges at any point while making your project. I just used 100 grit sandpaper as that is what I had around.

Be careful, as the sticks easily splinter.

Step 6: Version 1 - Glue Frame

For the first card version, you need to glue the frame on first.

Now that you have the 5 sticks glued together, lay out the frame pieces so you have them exactly how you want them. Next, carefully glue each piece one at a time. Because the sticks are warped, they won't lay flat. So glue them up quickly, and then carefully put your spring clamps on to hold everything in place. Pay particular attention to the corners and the top and bottom edges. The sides should be okay but if you have extra, put a spring clamp on each side.

Let this sit to dry.

If you have enough clamps, do another card this way so you have two. If not, wait for it to dry and then glue the frame on the other.

If you want, you can just do a frame on the front of the card and leave the back blank. It's your choice. I think that the frame helps hold the sticks together as they aren't glued very well at this point, but putting on the frame should help keep them in place.

Step 7: Version 1 - Glue in Paper

Time to glue in the paper. Lay down both cards with the frame side down so they are side by side. Now you can measure how big the paper should be. Mine was 7.5" by 4.45" and this left the tiniest bit along the top bottom and each side. Cut the paper. I used a paper cutter and then also used my paper scoring board to score right down the middle (to make folding easier, you can also just fold it).

With the popsicle stick cards laying side by side, carefully glue the paper down. Push it flat. Make sure the card can fold shut.

You want this to dry. I find it helps to leave it open and lay it under something flat and heavy.

This card is done! You can now write a message in it. You can leave the front blank or you can wood burn on it or use a sharpie.

Step 8: Version 2 - Glue Hinge

For the second version, you have to wait to glue on the frame.

Start by cutting a piece of cardstock that is roughly 1 inch by 3 inches. At this side you will be able to hide it behind the frame.

Put both popsicle stick cards together with whatever you want in the inside facing each other.

Glue the paper along the edge. You have to have the cards together like this when you glue them or the card won't fold shut. You can see in the last image that there is a gap between the sides unlike Version 1. You need this or the card won't close.

You can move on to the next step without waiting very long. It will have time to dry later.

Step 9: Version 2 - Glue on Frame

Time to glue on the frame. Like with Version 1, lay out the frame and make sure it looks like. You should cover the edge of the paper hinge and it shouldn't stick out inside the frame.

Glue it down and quickly clamp it as with Version 1.

If you have enough clamps do both sides, otherwise, wait for side 1 to dry and then do the same with the other side.

Step 10: Finished Cards

Version 1 - Photos 1 Front & 2 Inside

Version 2 - Photos 3 Front & 4 Inside

Step 11: Woodburn

If you want, woodburn on the front.

I find it easiest if you print off what you want, transfer that to the wood using pencil, and then woodburn it. This not only helps you get the layout aligned right, but helps you get a clean design.

Step 12: Finished Cards

I decided to add some extra designs using one of the tips. I thought it looked nice, but I preferred it when I only did one in each corner. The extras felt like overkill to me.

Decorate your card any way you want. I'd love to see how yours turn out.

Step 13: No Cut Version

If you want an easier version with no cutting (good for kids) Just line up 7 jumbo sticks next to each other and glue them together. Then glue two sticks perpendicular (you may not need to glue the 7 sticks together as this may be enough to hold them together).

Now you can just glue a piece of paper on the back and write your message. Decorate the front however you want.

Step 14: More Photos

Because I always have more photos.

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