Introduction: Popsicle Sticks Hexagon Shelf

About: i love electronics :p

this is a nice an amazing hommade shelf done by popsicle sticks that cost about 2$ .

wish you enjoy


  • popsicle stick

    (better to be colored)

  • papers 2x
  • ruler
  • marker
  • hot gun

Step 2: Drawing

draw on each paper a half hexagon shape identical to the size of the popsicle sticks , in a way it appear symmetic and give a hexagon shape when joining them

(NOTE: i draw each half on a paper because the paper is small and not compitable only for drawing a half hexagon )

Step 3: FIRST

put popsicle sticks on the 3 sides of the hexagon shape that is drawn

Step 4: Gluing

glue each side of the yellow popsicle sticks and put the other colored one on each one(you can use your own colors)

NOTE:for stable gluing dont forget to paste the two papers with each other by a skotch or glue

Step 5: Repeat Gluing Process

repeat gluing sticks on the same way to get a nice and a large sizable popsicle sticks shelf.End the last layer with a nice and a colorful layer(i used purple because it is so attractive)

Step 6: Insert a Screw

using a drill and a screw driver insert a nail or a screw in the wall to the hommade shelf

Step 7: Hang the Shelf

hang the shelf you make it on the screw and put in it what you want :p

Step 8: Another DECORATIONS

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