Introduction: Popsicle Sticks Slot & Eye Reed for Weaving (high Dpi)

I see people getting contaminated with "make your own weaving loom" illness.
One important detail of the loom is reed... (two better than one!)
how to make it?
from "craft sticks" !  (also known as Popsicle sticks)

Step 1: Everyone Tryed That

here is the first and ugly idea..
drill holes,
and here it is kind of  "working prototype"

But there is Another Way

Step 2: Create Slot

there is another way to do it!
cut one stick into pieces to create "uniform spacers"

and glue them together to create slot

Step 3: Create Eye

use glue gun to create Eye
(need some practice )

Step 4: Stack Eyes Together

stack Eyes together
using the same "Uniform Spacers"

Step 5: Omg Look What We Have

We made it!
6 DPI reed!

Step 6: Ways to Improve It

We can use Credit cards to improve it..
Or just cards...
or milk carton..
I see it is possible to get 12 DPI  easy!