Popsocket Disc With Clip

Introduction: Popsocket Disc With Clip

This popsocket disc is easily able to replace the discs of any of your popsockets. All you have to do is press the accordian part of the popsocket inward and pull up on the disc to remove it. This disc can allow you to hold your phone hands free, which is very helpful for pants without pockets. The disc can also attach to other surfaces and then you could film a video or take a picture with it.


To make this popsocket disc all you need is a software program like Tinkercad and access to a 3d printer.

Step 1: Making the Disc

First you will need to make the disc and there are a few components to it inculding, the outermost circle, secong ring, and four clips arounf the second ring. The outermost circle is 1.5" for the radius and 1/32¨ hieght. Second ring is 1/8 inch in from the outermost circle, 1/8 inch hieght and 1/32 inch thick. The four pegs attached to the second ring should be 90 degrees apart and 1/16x1/16 inch.

Step 2: Adding Clip

To do this you just use a cube and a rounded roof shape. You can adjust the size and height of the clip to fit it's intended purpose.

Step 3: Print

Get access to a 3d printer, print, and enjoy :) !

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