Introduction: Porcupine Pencil Holder

This little guy will happily hold your office supplies and look awesome doing it : )

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Chopsticks (30)
Wood Glue
All purpose glue
Walnut wood stain
Brush to apply stain
3 inches small gauge wire

Sculpey Clay
Color: White - Just under a half of the 1.75 pound package
Color: Chocolate - 3 ounces
Color: Hazelnut - 1 ounce
Color: Black - .25 ounce

Parchment paper
Cookie Sheet
Rolling pin (a wooden dowel works)
Wire cutter

Step 2: Cut and Stain Chopsticks

Cut chopsticks in half, sand as needed, and apply dark brown stain according to manufacturer's directions.

Step 3: Form Body and Feet

  • Use the white clay to make the body and head shapes
  • Roll out dark brown clay into about 1/4" sheets large enough to cover body and head
  • Cover whole top of body with sheet of clay (cover head piece now as well)
  • Smooth top
  • Roll out 1/4" sheet of light brown clay - just needs to be large enough to cover 'belly'
  • Cover bottom and blend dark and light brown along edges
  • Ensure white clay is no longer visible
  • Roll out 4 balls, about 1/2" in diameter
  • Press down on each to flatten them slightly

Step 4: Create Head

Making the Head
  • Start with head piece (now covered in dark brown clay)
  • Take a .25 ounce of light brown clay, divide into three and roll out into flat circles
  • Set 2 of the circles on what will be the face - they should be overlapping about 1/4" inch
  • Wrap third circle around nose
  • Smooth out all three circles
  • Cut wire into 1/2" pieces (6)
  • Using the black clay, roll out two 1/8" balls and one 1/2" oval
  • Use a chopstick to make indentions where the eyes should go (I know this picture looks crazy violent)
  • Place eye in each indention
  • Place nose at end of snout
  • Insert whiskers - 3 to a side
  • Use a chopstick to make 1/2" hole in the back of the head (then remove chopstick)

Step 5: Chopsticks

One more step before baking.  You just need to make the holes for the quills.
  • Push chopsticks into back about 1/2" deep - Leaving about 1/4" between each hole Note: Try to keep depth as consistent as possible
  • Make a 1/2" hole in the front of the piece (this will meet up with the hole made in the head piece)

Step 6: Bake Clay Pieces

Heat oven to 275oF

Bake clay 15 minutes for each 1/4" thickness.  Remove pieces as they reach their baking time.

  • Feet - 30 minutes
  • Head - 2 1/2 hours
  • Body - 3 hours

A book and cup of coffee may be additional materials needed for this step...

Step 7: Assemble

In the home stretch...just a little assembly...
  • Put a dab of glue on each foot and set body on top
  • Cut a 1" long piece off a chopstick
  • Apply glue to each end of the chopstick, insert one end in the back of the head and attach to body
  • A couple drops of wood glue to each hole along the back should be enough to secure the quills
  • Allow to dry overnight
Now place on your desk as a reminder that there are far more fun and important things to do than work in an office!

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