Introduction: Pork Cabbage Dumplings

This video is a detailed guide for making dumplings.

Step 1: Make Dough

Add 1.5 Lb of flour to a tub. Gradually add cold water into the tub while stirring the flour until it becomes cotton-shaped pieces. Pour it to a bigger platform and start to knead the flour into a bigger piece until all little pieces mixed all together. Put the dough into a pan with a cover on top to rest for 2 h. We need a lid to prevent moisture to escape.

Step 2: Make a Filling- Materials

We need a cabbage, 400 g chopped meat, 20g ginger root, 15g garlic, 15g green onion, 15mL-20mL soy sauce, a suitable amount of salt and pepper(depends on your preferred flavor, but no more than 12-15g), and 10g sesame oil.

Step 3: Make a Filling- Prepare Cabbage

Wash the cabbage, and chop the cabbage into as small pieces as you possibly can(p1). Put the chopped-up cabbage into a container and add salt to it (p2)(salt will force liquid inside of plant cell to come out). Rest for 20 mins. Squeeze the cabbage to remove most of the liquid(p3, p4).

Step 4: Make a Filling: Mix It Up!

Put all the materials into a big pan and mix them all up will you feel they are fully mixed into a whole. Just like the picture has shown.

Step 5: Make Dumpling Wrappers

Take a piece of dough from the big piece, knead it into a stick as thick as your thumb. Cut it into pieces as big as your thumb knuckle(p1, p2). Dress them with some flour and roll (p3, p4) them into thin circular pieces (p5).

Step 6: Make the Dumpling!

Put a fixed amount of filling onto the middle of the wrapper(p1, p2); fold the wrapper into a semicircle and stick the top together (p3); make sure the filling does not leak out (reduce filling if they leak). Put the back crown onto your forefinger (p4) and use your thumbs to pressure the edge of the dumpling until they stick completely(p5). Make sure they do not leak !!

Congratulations, you made a dumpling!

Step 7: How to Cook?

Boiling for about 10 - 15 mins until you feel it is done, trust your sense.

If you want to frie them, boil them first.