Introduction: Port Forwarding LinkitONE to Public IP & Domain

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Many of us make IoT applications with WiFi but they only work in your local area network. Do you want to forward your public IP address to your local IP that is linked to your LinkitONE or any other board?

Like 192.168.x.xx to

Here i'll show you how you can do so and also link your board with a domain name!

Step 1: Why Port Forwarding?

We make cool projects like IoT powered lights, smart agriclture, smart air quality sensors etc. But if we want to port it to a public IP, that means anyone can access it online.

The main aim is to bring everything from a local IP like 192.168.x.x to a domain like

Step 2: What Do You Need?

1) account

2) A router that supports port forwarding (I'll be using 450TC1)

Step 3: Register on

First create an account on and register.

Step 4: Get Your Gateway IP Address

Search your gateway IP address by running command ipconfig /all. It'll return you your internet connection info.

Step 5: Setup Your Router

Now open your gateway page. It'll give you the connection settings. Here you can forward your local IP to public IP.

Step 6: Navigate the "advanced Setup"

Now navigate to the advanced setup option and click on "NAT". Then go to "Virtual Server Option"

Step 7: Set Up Virtual Servers

Noe enter the public and local IP in the setup virtual server page. Here you can edit any of the ports you forwarded earlier.

Mine local IP is and i'm forwarding it to 122.160.202.xx

Enter all the details correctly and save them!

Step 8: Setup Domain

Now We'll setup the domain!

Navigate to "Manage Hosts" page. There click on add host and add your public IP and port number. Then save it and you are done!

You'll get your own domain name! You can access your LinkitONE with this domain.

Step 9: Attach the WiFi Antenna

Attach your Linkit's wifi antenna to test your board out!

Step 10: Test It Out!

Now test it out!

Navigate to your local IP an show it off to your friends!

Congrats! you've forwarded your board to a domain!