Introduction: Portable Altoids Marshmallow Roaster

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In this instructable you are going to learn how to make a Portable Pocket Sized Altoids Marshmallow Roaster.

This is Great when your on the go and hungry for a Delicious Roasted Marshmallow.

So let's get Started!

WARNING !! - This instructable uses high heat and open flames. Be Careful.
Use all necessary Precautions.
I am not responsible for your actions!

Step 1: You Will Need....

OK to make our Marshmallow Roaster you will need....

1. Altoids Tin
2. Scissors
3. Skewer or Toothpick
4. One Charcoal Briquette (Charcoal Can Be Substituted by a T-Light Candle to roast the Marshmallow)
5. One T - Light Candle Tin
6. One Small Pill Holder or Small Seal able Container ( Best with O Ring )
7. Lighter Fluid or Charcoal Starter Fluid
8. Matches or Lighter
9. Marshmallows
10. Paper and Tape ( Optional )

And of Course Some of your free time.

Step 2: Prepare Your Tin and Skewer

Take your Altoids Tin and clean it out of any remaining Altoids and Altoid dust.

Then get your T - Light Candle and remove the candle from the candle tin.

IMPORTANT !!!!! - You Need to poke holes in the candle tin so the charcoal can get oxygen.
See Secondary Photo for this step.

After the Above is done place the candle tin into the Altoids tin.

Next take your Skewer and cut it to size so it fits inside the Altiod tin.

Step 3: Break Up Your Charcoal and Make a Charcoal Packet

Ok By now your thinking how am I going to fit a whole piece of charcoal
in my Altoids tin. Well your not.

So we need to break it up into smaller, more
manageable sized prices.

This Stuff is HARD well it is what diamonds are made of.

So take what ever you can i.e Hammer and Chisel to break the charcoal up into Nickel and Penny Sized Chunks.

After that get some paper and your nickel sized chucks then put the charcoal into the paper
and make a Packet of Charcoal.

REASON: You Wrap the charcoal in a packet so it wont rattle around the tin and cover your
marshmallow and other items in Charcoal Dust. Also this provides Greater Portability.

Step 4: Fill Your Lighter Fluid Container

Get the container that you are going to use to hold your lighter fluid.

Fill about halfway. You wont use all of the fluid to light your coals but you can
always use some backup.

If you have some problems with leaks you can put some plumbers tape on the threads.

Step 5: Pack Everything Up

Fit all your items inside the Altoids tin. Then place in pocket and use when hungry.

See Next Step For Lighting Instructions......

Step 6: Lighting and Roasting Instructions

When Ready to light and roast....

2. Take all items out Except the candle tin
3. Open your charcoal packet and put the charcoal into the tin.
4. Center the candle tin in the Altoids tin.
5. Take some of lighter fluid and pour it over the coals.
6. Light Coals.
7. Coals should begin to burn (Wait until they start to turn white)
8. Place Marshmallow on Toothpick or Skewer
9. Roast to Your Liking and Enjoy !!!

Warning - The Altoids will be cool enough to handle BUT the candle tin is scorching hot.

When finished wait until coals burn out or put them out manually. Then repack for next roast.

Step 7: Modifications and Inprovements

Mods and Inprovs ......

1. I have added a match holder to the under side of the lid. ( shown below )
2. More Holes in charcoal holder allow greater air flow and heat.

I will update this list.

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