Introduction: If This, Then That: Portable Arduino Console

This is a simple shoot the target game. You move the player with two capacitive touch modules and you shoot by making hard sounds, like clapping, yelling or shaking the box.

Parts i used:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino a000096 tft screen
  • 2 TTP223B Touch Modules
  • Sound Sensor Module
  • prototyping board
  • cables

MDF plate for the case.

Step 1: Connecting Everything on the Breadboard

connecting the screen:

  • +5V:+5V
  • MISO:pin 12
  • SCK:pin 13
  • MOSI:pin 11
  • LCD CS:pin 10
  • SD CS:pin 4
  • D/C:pin 9
  • RESET:pin 8
  • BL:+5V

Connecting the touch modules

  • +5V:+5V
  • 1/0 : pin 2 and/or pin 3

Connecting the sound sensor:

  • 1/0 : pin 5
  • +5V:+5V

Step 2: Upload the Code

Upload this code to your arduino with the arduino IDE and test it.

Step 3: Time to Solder Everything

Follow the schematic to see how things need to get soldered on the prototyping board.

Step 4: Case

Saw/cut the MDF into the sides of a box and glue them together using hot glue.

When the housing is glued together, grab a can of spraypaint and spraypaint it in a color you like.

Step 5: Enjoy the Game

Put the hardware in the case and enjoy the game.