Introduction: Portable Arduino Arcade Game

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In this project I will be showing you how to make a easy portable arcade machine using the Arduino UNO and a Nokia 5110 LCD

This is the version 2 of the "Arduino 2 player game"

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Below is a list of parts and tools I used to make this project.


  • Nokia 5110 LCD
  • Arduino UNO
  • 9v battery
  • 9v battery clip
  • 2x SPDT switch + screws
  • 2x potentiometers
  • 2x potentiometer knobs
  • Wires
  • Enclosure box

Step 2: The Case

The box I used for this project I got from a flashlight I bought, it is aluminum.

I marked the middel of the box andwhere the LCD is going to be. Make two holes for the potentiomiters and for the two switches.

I used a Dremel to make all the holes.

Step 3: Schematic

The schematic is simple. make shure your scrren is not upside down when you solder it, and that when you turn your potentiometer to the right, your player goes to the right as well. Its best to do this project on a breadboard beafore you solder it on a PCB.

Step 4: Soldering

Follow the schematic and solder everything together.

Step 5: Power

I glued a 9v battery clip to the box, to power up the Arduino UNO. It is up to you to decide if you want to use rechargeable batteries and a charging module.

Step 6: The Code

Download the code and upload it to your Arduino UNO

Download the code here:Arduino pong game

Step 7: Test

before you mount the game to the box its smart to test if everything is working as it is seposed to.

when you know where all of the wires is going to be than mark them with paper and tape like I did in the photo.

Step 8: Finishing

Mount the LCD, potentiometers and switches to your box, than connect all of the wires to the Arduino uno and connect the 9v battery.

Step 9: PLAY!

Now you got yourself a portable mini arcade machine that you can play with your friends or by yourself.


If you have any questions or tips on this project than post them in the comments below and if you like this project than go check out my other projects :)

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