Portable Backpack Stand

Introduction: Portable Backpack Stand

Are you tired of tripping over backpacks in your classroom? We've got your solution ! Introducing the new and affordable portable backpack stand. With this new innovation of classroom organization you can place backpacks on the hooks and out of the floor.


3' by 4' sheets of wood x 2

4' by 6" pieces of wood x 4

screws or nails

a drill and a driver


hooks x 8

hinges 3D printed x 2

Step 1: Assemble the Pieces of Wood Together

Screw in the pieces of wood to the sheet at 3" , 32" and 44" from the bottom of the wood.

2 pieces of wood per sheet make sure they are aligned on the sides.

Make sure both sides are the same.

Step 2: Hinges

Place hinges on the inside at the top of the pieces of wood as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Hooks

Screw the hooks on each corner make sure they drill into the piece of wood and the sheet .

Do same for both sides.

2 feet apart horizontally and 23 inches vertically between the hooks.

Step 4: Done

You are done now just put backpacks on it

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