Introduction: Portable Bike Washer

Being a mountain biker who lives in an apartment in a rainy part of the world, I frequently find myself in need of a way to hose down my bike at the trailhead. It's also nice to have a way to hose off shoes and digging tools when I come back from a day of working on the trail. 

My solution was to buy an RV pump, some hose fittings, stick them in a box, and wire it all up to jumper cables. 

Some important considerations: 

1. I tried using a 12v accessory plug. The current draw from the pump first blew a fuse, and when I put foil over the fuse it melted the spring inside. That's why I opted to use jumper cables instead. 

2. FUSE IT! Make sure you put a fuse in front of the switch, especially since this clips directly to the battery!

3. I just cut up old jumper cables for the battery clips. 

4. Use quick release connectors on the pressurized side. You don't want to be trying to screw down a hose in 45 degree rain. 

5. Don't use quick release connectors for the feeder because it only takes a tiny air leak to ruin a feeder line. 

6. The line going into the water can MUST be stiff and straight, otherwise it just curls up inside the can and won't reach the water. 

7. I got that awesome little nozzle at Home Depot. Use It! It's surprisingly efficient. I'm amazed at how much washing I can accomplish with just 7 gallons of water!