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Hello! So I was kinda getting bored at home, not being able to go out due to the virus outbreak (doesn't matter because I'm an introvert). So I decided to build a neat looking and sounding bluetooth (and wifi) speaker for entertainment. Now if you've read my previous instructables, you'll be like 'Dude! But you've already made a couple of bluetooth speakers. Now you need more? Don't be greedy'

Ok so let me explain. Firstly, the ones I've built aren't that loud because of the low power amplifiers, and secondly, I'm bored so just let me do it :p

I realised that the previous speakers weren't that beginner friendly to build. So I was looking for ways to make it simpler yet more powerful and functional. Coincidently, the folks from Arylic, a China based audio company reached out to me and wanted me to check out their diy audio board.

At first I was like 'Ehh, it'll be the same like the boards I used previously'. But then I decided to check it out and it was great. Not only it had a massive 2x50W amplifier, but also bluetooth and wifi built-in! Additionally it has support for USB as well as aux input and IR remote control! Sweet!

It's very easy to setup and get going. So well let's..umm..get going!


Audio amplifier With bluetootg/wifi:

I would suggest Arylic Up2stream amp:

Arylic store:

Amazon US:

Amazon us:

Speaker drivers ~ 50W

Subwoofer (optional)

MDF/ Fiberboard

Adhesive sealant

Sand paper

Denim or Vaneer

Self tapping screws:

Hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc.

Step 1: The Up2stream Audio Board

So this board is interesting. It already has all the features. All you need to do is add your speaker drivers and connect to a bluetooth/ wifi enabled smartphone.

Now you can either order it from their official website or Amazon. Thankfully, the good people at Arylic have provided a coupon for you guys to get a 10% discount! Use code: ARPAN03 to get 10% off on the Arylic official website or code: 10ARPAN03 on Amazon, again, for a 10% discount.

Now that you've gotten your board, you can see how big it is. In the pictures you can see it next to a plant pot. Ok maybe not a good reference. You can see me holding it for a better reference.

You may be like 'Whoa whoa, there are so many things here. And what are these two wires doing. And where do I connect my speakers, and…', if you're a beginner. Chill out! Just click on the image and you can find the respective parts labelled!

Step 2: Making the Speaker Box

So an old school method will be to use a shoe box. But cardboard isn't really a good material when it comes to sound systems. A very good choice would be MDF or fiberboard. But I don't want to go outside and search for MDF shops because I don't want to get the virus (and I'm lazy). So cardboard, yeah.

My plan is to use two layers of cardboard so as to give good strength. Use dense cardboard and not corrugated ones because the latter is full of air and will neither be strong nor good sounding.

It's a usual method of making a box out of cardboard and covering it with a black card paper or something like vinyl. You can see the images for reference. Make sure you seal all gaps with adhesive so that no air can escape. I made an opening in the front to place the front piece that'll give a good appearance to the speaker.

Step 3: Making the Front Piece

It's simple! Just cut out a cardboard rectangle and round off the edges with a sandpaper. Make a hole for the speaker driver and a tiny hole next to it. Why the latter hole? You'll find the reason soon.

I needed it to have a good look and feel. But I ain't going out to buy something. So I'm gonna use denim! I have an old jeans (ok not that old. I was literally wearing it yesterday), doesn't matter, I'll cut it :p

Just cover the cardboard with denim, making sure to be accurate with the holes. It looks really good. I didn't expect this though.

I made a circular ring out of cardboard and stuck a piece of a white carry bag. This will be the cover for the speaker.

Step 4: Assemble!

I used adhesive sealant to stick the speaker in it's place.

Then I made the speaker connections with the board and placed the board on the back cover of the box. The connections are simple. The dc supply directly goes to the DC input. The speaker out is labelled as well. Since I used a single speaker, I didn't have to use both the channels.

Make sure you place the board in such a way that the IR receiver faces the tiny hole. Now you get why the second hole? Yup. It's for the remote control.

Again, after you've closed the box, seal all edges with adhesive to avoid air leakage.

You may say, 'But dude, air can leak from the IR receiver hole. Seal that too?' . No! Anyway it can act as a port for proper resonance.

Step 5: Test

To stream music using bluetooth, you'll only need the remote and your phone. To use wifi or do set up, you'll need the 4Stream app.

To use bluetooth, just turn on the speaker and press the bluetooth button on the remote. The speaker should say 'power on'. Then connect to bluetooth via your phone. Now the speaker should say 'connected' If it's not working, I would suggest installing the 4stream app, it'll be easier. Volume adjustment can be done either on the phone or the remote. Trust me it's really loud. Make sure your speaker driver can handle the wattage, otherwise keep a low volume.

So there you have it. A simple yet good sounding bluetooth speaker! I hope you enjoy making it!

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