Introduction: Portable Boot and Glove Dryer and Much More!

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In this fun hack i take a 12v car window defroster/heater and turn it into a portable glove dryer. This will be a fun gadget to use on my bike trip.

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Step 1: Tools and Parts

Since we will be using all the electrics from the 12v heater no major electrical work is needed.
You will need a drill, hot glue gun, screwdriver, and wire cutters. A soldering iron is not required but the wires in the heater going to the fan are tiny and may break. be careful :)

12v dc car window defroster. I use the HFT one because coupons.
1/4in board or a box to fit the parts in. Be creative!
7.5 amp hour 12v battery (or larger for more heat/run time)
Female wire connectors (to connect wires to battery)
Random scrap metals and wood.
1-1/4in pvc pipe connector.
1-1/4in pvc pipe or flexible hose and T-connector. (not shown in build but planned)

Step 2: Removing the Internals of the Heater.

Take care when taking apart the heater. You will need to cut the wires going to the small switch on top of this particular unit. Those wires power the L.E.D. lamp on the front of the heater and can be completely deleted since the light has its own power loop. This should not harm the functioning of the heater. The heater has a red LED that will light up when the heater is running. This will be kept on the unit and used.

Step 3: Prepare Box, Battery and Heater Unit.

Need to do these 3 at the same time for good fitment. I prepared a box out of 1/4in scrap wood and cut an intake hole on the side of the box so the heater's fan can get fresh air. You need an unrestricted intake flow for the fan or the heater can overheat and have poor airflow. To keep the exhaust air directed out and to help mount the heating unit to the box i used a thin aluminum plate made of scrap metal. Make sure the plate does not touch the heating element or the wires near it. Could cause a short and blow the fuse.

After the wiring is ready the unit is slid in and glued 1/4in higher than the battery terminals so the battery is easily removed. Use a piece of scrap wood to space them out while the glue cools.

Identify and mark the + and - wires going into the unit. Shorten the wires going to the unit and add spade connectors. Leave about 6 to 8 inches of extra wire so you can remove the battery easily to recharge/change.

Step 4: Prepare the Hose Connector.close Up the Box.

I used a 1-1/4in PVC pipe connector for the vent tube. This will let me pipe the air out in various ways and make the machine serve several uses. I made sure to glue the connector in so the airflow has no restriction coming out of the heating element.

Top of the box is glued on with the power switch and Heat On LED fitted.

Step 5: Test Run and Other Awesome Uses.

I did not have scrap pipe in the workshop during the build so a prototype cardboard Y-pipe was made to test drying my gloves. Since the build i have thought of a few awesome uses for this unit during my big Ebike trip i am trying to fund on gofundme.

This can be used to...
-Dry gloves and boots.
-Ported into a paper sack to dry a shirt or pants.
-Tubes can be run into a jacket to provide hot air (heated jacket!)
-Makes a great tent heater.
-Can be used as a fan without the heat.

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