Portable Computer Stand for Commuters




Introduction: Portable Computer Stand for Commuters

If you commute every week you probably know the discomfort of having your laptop on you lap. It's too low to offer a good working/looking position. Oftentimes the bus/train has narrow seating aisles which makes it impossible to open the laptop enough to give a good angle of view...

Having been a commuter for years and being the inventor of this nifty Travel table for commuters I was a bit annoyed, when the bus company bought new buses with crappy tables, that rendered my trusty old table useless.

So I had to invent something better! Ideally something more universal that would work on any seat and transportation system...


40x80 cm of faux leather

100 cm nylon belt ribbon (25-30 mm wide)

37 cm velcro ribbon (loop – 3 cm wide)

37 cm velcro ribbon (hook – 3 cm wide)

2 pieces of 14 cm hook velcro ribbon (hook – 3 cm wide)

2 pieces of 12x10 cm velcro (loop)

2 pieces of plywood 11x38 cm (3 mm thick)

1 piece of plywood 12x38 cm (3 mm thick)

Step 1: Sew Three Compartments for the Plywood

Fasten all the velcro ribbon and areas according to the drawing before you actually sew the compartments. Be sure to place the velcro on the right side of the fabric and make sure it is loop/hock accordingly. Remember to leave an open gap at the end of the compartments so you can place the plywood slices in the compartments.

Once everything has been sewed put the slices of plywood into the compartments according to drawing.

Close the open gaps

Step 2: Sew a "legstrap" Ribbon

Use the 100 cm ribbon and attach the two pieces of 14 cm velcro – one to each end of the ribbon (facing the same side)

Step 3: The Result Should Look Like This


Step 4: Use the Laptop Stand Like This

To be used like this. If you can get a seat where your feet are slightly elevated (eg. where the wheels are) it might be an even better experience – enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    Excellent idea! Looks very pro! :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot. I works, turnes commuting time into work time, is good for the environment and it weighs next to nothing in my backpack...


    3 years ago

    Clever and versatile, I like it!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, I am using it every day and it works perfectly!