Introduction: Portable (Cordless) Drum Sander

This is super easy and most of the parts are probably sitting in every basement or garage (except the rolling pin; so ask your spouse before you plunder the kitchen for project materials).

The rolling pin was used for the sanding drum. Double sided tape was used to hold down the sandpaper, and a cordless drill made it all work. Take the handles off the rolling pin and find an old dull drill bit that will fit in the hole in the side of the rolling pin.

For the far side of the sanding drum I just held the original rolling pin handle in the hole, but a better solution would be to countersink a bearing and make a comfortable handle.

The sander works well for how easy, fast, and cheap the build is. This is great for rough sanding and for taking down a lot of material fast. The video shows it in operation.

Thanks for taking a look.