Introduction: Portable Covid-19 Scraper

The few times we go outside, we cannot even touch our face with our hands for fear if they are infected. Voila!

I have the solution a portable Covid-19 scraper.

As the PLA finger is always covered, it can't never be infected.

This project has been designed using Solid Edge Works, Blender and 360 Fusion.


  • PLA
  • 3d Printer
  • Few thread.

Step 1: Ergonomic Handle: Playdough Model

To get the measurements it occurred to me to make a playdough sculpture and make the holes with my own fingers.

I make sure that it was comfortable for my mother (50 years), my father (50 years), for me (16 years) and my sister 8 (years) .Suitable for everyone. :)

Step 2: Designing the Ergonomic Handle

I draw a metric plane taking the measurements of the ergonomic handle and using 360 fusion extrude it.

To sculpt it, give it a better shape and make it as much comfortable as possible (without any corners,...), I used Blender.

  • Problem:
    • As a result of subdividing the handle so much (to get that shape), I could not pass it back to 360 fusion. So I also used Blender to make the handle's hole.

Step 3: Finger Sculpting

The idea of the scraper is to scratch with a plastic finger, it will not have the same texture, but the same shape. For this I took a couple of photos (elevation and profile) of my mother's finger and sculpted it using Blender.

Step 4: Finger Stick : 360 Fusion

To avoid all kinds of contact with the PLA finger and the hand, I designed a stick with a distance of 5 cm from the finger with 360 fusion.

And joined it to the finger using Blender (if you pass the finger to 360 fusion the program re-felt because the finger was too subdivided).

Step 5: Finger Cover: Blender

As I said before, the finger should have a "hood" so as not to touch the face, with the Blender's functions scale and boolean (difference) I made a cover for the finger that does not fall when the finger is turned upside down.

Step 6: Personal Touch: Virus Clip Studio

I wanted to give a personal touch to remind its use was related to Covid-19. So, I draw a cartoon of the virus using clip studio.

Step 7: Hook: 360 Fusion+blender

I made the hook with 360 fusion, and added the Covid-19 draw I did before.

Taking advantage of the minimum flexibility of the PLA I left a 2mm gap that is usually the thickness of normal pants, although it can hook in 1 cm thick pants (if the thickness is smaller it does not matter).

Step 8: Cura: Ready to Print Gcode

To pass stl files to gcode I used cura.

I recommend to print them with :

Infill: 10% (minimun)

Quality: 0.2

Speed: standard

I am leaving all the .stl files here:

Step 9: Print

As you can see to give it more color I printed the handle and the finger "hood" in green and the hook and finger in white, but it is only for aesthetics.

The color does not matter .

Step 10: Glue

We are going to glue the components. The hook does not bother at all when you grab the handle, you won't even touch the hook.

Glue as shown on the picture.

Step 11: Thread

Not to lose the cover I put a small thread that connects the hood with the handle as you see in the image.

To do so, just glue a little thread to the cover and the handle as shown.

Step 12: File

When I printed the finger the border was a bit rough, so I filed it a bit.

Step 13: Disinfect & Done

Disinfect the PLA finger with soap and water, disinfectant or whatever you like, and we're done.

Feel free to ask me anything and please if this project has been useful, tell me. You will make my day happy :)

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