Introduction: Portable Diesel Heather

I had a camper van with a 24V diesel heater (ebersparcher dl1), then I had a camper van with 12V battery... so I need to convert de diesel heather to a new voltage....

I need also a diesel heater for sail boat and tent, this instructables make this.

Step 1:

Two motorcycle battery to reach 24 V to use it in tent.


DROK® DC-DC 12V/24V Step-up Boost Converter Adjustable Output
Voltage Stabilizer Regolatori di Tensione Power Supply Switching Transformer

to elevate tension from 12V to 24V to charge battery at 24V and a voltmeter to check voltage

Step 2: Exaust

simply a can

Step 3: More Photos

It run very well in tent ... boat and van