Introduction: Portable Drawing Station, With Speakers!

A portable drawing station that has built in lights and a speaker. made from materials i had laying around. and a lot of hot glue

Step 1: Materials

Wood (scrap wood i had laying around)
salvaged speakers from a karaoke machine
copper from a laptop power supply

glue gun

Step 2: WOOD CUT

I didn't get any photos of me actually cutting the wood but i do have photos. i used a jigsaw to cut them out but you will probably want to use a table saw.

The dimensions of every thing is:
Sides "left and right" 1/2" thick  11" long 3.5" tall.   "Front and back" 3/4" thick. 16" long 3.5" tall
"Top and Bottom" 3/4" thick. 11" by 17"

the front in back had to be trimmed so that they would fit in side the sides nicely.

Step 3: Drilling and Speakers

I drilled holes as evenly as i could over where the speakers would be so that the sound would go through.
the three holes on the side are to hold pens or pencils while the station is flat.
I hot glued the speakers in place and then wired them all to a 3.5 mm jack i had laying around. my top piece had a crack in it so i just fed the cord through the crack so you could connect your ipod.

-i was going to use my old speaker to connect the speakers but it broke when i was removing it from its case :P

Step 4: Putting It All Together

i used hot wood glue to glue all of the sides to the bottom first then i added more glue to all the corners. i put a glob of glue on each of the corners then set the top down and kept pressure until the glue cooled. finally i made a small handle on top and added some copper paper holders to keep your papers on when you move

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