Introduction: Portable Folding Stool

About: Now I am a retired person, who enjoys life and making small things to pass the time keep myself busy.

I wanted a small stool to carry in my car so that I could use it whenever I may have to stop on my journey by the roadside, and this is the solution.

Here I have converted a Mike stand into a Portable Folding Stool, so that it can be conveniently carried by hand or put in the boot of your car.

Step 1: Mike Stand

For this project you need a light Mike Stand, It should be made of Steel Pipes.

This type of Mike Stand is cheaply available in the market.

For the seat, a piece of fiber sheet is required 12 inches into 4 inches long.

An Iron rod of 6 inches is needed for the seat.

A 12 inches iron flat is needed for fixing the seat.

Step 2: How To......

Take the Mike stand and cut the main pipe 14 inches from the bottom.

Weld the Iron flat to the Iron rod at 90 Degrees to the Iron Rod.

Make 2 holes of 3/16 inches diameter on the iron flat, 3 inches from both ends.

Fix the Fiber sheet on the Iron Flat with nuts and bolts.

You can also make the seat of any other material and shape.

Step 3: THREE Parts of the Portable Folding Stool

In this photograph you see the THREE parts of the Portable Folding Stool.

The main pipe, that was cut, goes into the center hole of the three legs.

The Center hole has a tightening hand screw to tighten the CENTER PIPE.

The main Pipe also has a tightening hand screw to tighten the SEAT ROD.


This is the photograph of the Portable Folding Stool in the FOLDED POSITION.

It is light and small to carry.

Make it and Enjoy.

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