Introduction: Portable Glass Terrarium for Plants With Removal Parts

Do you remember the main character Leon from the movie The Professional (French: Léon) and his favorite plant in a pot? That plant was very dear to him, and he carried it with him. If you have a desire to carry your favorite plant with you, then this instructable is for you. I have come up with a very convenient and easy-to-make terrarium container for you. All you need are two jars with lids.

Feature of this terrarium container:

  • there are two glass parts - a pot (lower part) and a dome (upper part),
  • the glass dome protects the aboveground part of the plant from damage and can be easily removed (unscrewed),
  • when assembled, the container is sealed and you can not be afraid to get your things dirty while carrying this terrarium,
  • the soil is covered and you can cant the container fearlessly,
  • there is an frame with a comfortable handle.


To make container you need:

two jars (I used 250 ml and 430 ml jars),

two metallic lids (I used not detachable lids),

a compass or a round jar with a diameter of 4 cm,

hole saw or chisel,



drill or nail,

hot glue,

two small bolts and nuts,

a piece of non-woven fabric sticks,


wire cutters,




decorative stones.

To fill the terrarium you need:

rocks or expanded clay,




tea spoon.

Step 1: Making Holes in the Lids

Mark out and draw a 4 cm circle in the center of the lid.

Cut out the circle. I only had a narrow chisel at hand, so I used the chisel to cut out the circle.

Sand the edges.

Do the same for the second lid.

Step 2: Connecting the Lids

Make two small holes for the bolts (see photo). You can drill them or use a nail. Sand edges.

Glue the two lids (top to top). The holes must match.

Insert the bolts into the holes and tighten the nuts.

Step 3: Planting

Clean the terrarium container and let it dry.

For drainage, I recommend using expanded clay instead of stones. This will make your terrarium lighter. You can mix the expanded clay with a generous handful of charcoal to prevent the soil from developing a sour smell. Place a 1,5 cm layer of the expanded clay inside the small jar - lower part of the terrarium container.

To prevent the soil from seeping down into the expanded clay and will be a good way to remove the excess of water you can spread peat moss over the charcoal layer (optional).

Add potting soil and gently tap it to remove air pockets and smooth the surface. Use a soil suitable for the plants you will be planting.

Screw the connected lids.

Using the tea spoon dig small holes in the potting soil where you will put the plants. Snuggle the plant into the hole you dug previously and surround it with potting soil by tapping gently. Do the same with the other plants you plan to add.

Lightly water your plants keeping in mind that overwatering can cause the plant rotting or suffocating since there is no drainage hole.

You may already use your terrarium. Gently screw on the second jar - the upper part of the terrarium container, that will protect your plants from damage and keep the terrarium airtight. But to make wearing this terrarium comfortable, follow next steps.

Step 4: Covering Soil

Cut pieces of non-woven fabric and glue them around the plant stem/stems.

Glue decorative stones to mask the fabric (optional).

Step 5: Making the Frame and the Handle

Cut 6 pieces of wire.

Braid braids using three pieces of wire (you will get two braids).

Join the ends on one side of the braids and continue to braid using 6 pieces of wire: move the wire pieces along the edges one by one to the middle (see photo).

Join the ends on the opposite side of the braids around the connected lids and continue to braid using 6 pieces of wire (see photo).

Separate the wires in half (3 and 3) and braid around the jar (the upper part of the terrarium container): using three wires around one side of the jar and using other three wires on the other side of the jar (see photo). Connect the ends of the braids around the jar.

Braid the handle using 12 pieces of wire: move the wire pieces along the edges one by one to the middle. Make the handle long enough to unscrew and remove the jar (see photo).

Cut off the ends of the wires and fix the end of the handle.

Step 6: Enjoying the Work Done

Unscrew the upper part of the terrarium container periodically to give your plants some fresh air.

Keep the soil moist. This is not difficult to do as the bottom of the terrarium is transparent.

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