Introduction: Portable Guitar Amplifier - DIY

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Hi Guys..!!
This is a portable guitar amplifier with some exclusive function. It gives you clean sound, bright & loud sound and distortion guitar sound. Even if you connect a semi acoustic guitar it will work as it do. It is good for high impedance pickups and microphones as well.

Details :

It is based on two IC "LM386" and some capacitors and resistors. It works fine. Its is easy to build and you can do it easily within 30mins.
Components Required:
1 - Resistor 10 Ohm
2 - Capacitor    0.047uf  [Code = 473J or 473k]
1 - Capacitor    100uf     [ Voltage = 25v or 50v] 
2 - Capacitor    10uf
1 - Capacitor    220uf     [Voltage = 16v or 25v]
2 - IC LM386                   [Its a Low Voltage OP Amp]
1 - Small Speaker
1 - Potentiometer 10K Ohm   [Linear or Audio But i will prefer audio first]
1 - LED (use it in series with a 100 Ohm resistor)
1 - DC Power Jack [Or you can use a 9v battery clip if you want to fit the battery in it.]

Beside these components a piece of pref-board and box to fit the circuit in are also

If you have any question then ask me in comments. I promise to reply your every comment.
Build it now..!! Have a wonderful Day..!!