Introduction: Portable IoT Display

This instructables show how to use a 2 inches LCD and ESP32 to make a portable IoT Display.


Step 1: 3D Print Case

Please download and print the case at thingiverse:

Step 2: Soldering Work

Follow the LCD datasheet connect the pins. Please read through the datasheet before connection especially if you are not ordered same LCD model.

Here are the connection summary:

ESP32   -> LCD
GND     -> Pin  1 GND
        -> Pin  2 LED K
3v3.    -> Pin  4 Vcc -> 20 Ohm -> Pin 3 LEDA
GPIO 27 -> Pin  7 D/C
GPIO  5 -> Pin  8 CS
GPIO 18 -> Pin  9 SCK
GPIO 23 -> Pin 10 MOSI
GPIO 33 -> Pin 11 RST

Step 3: Seal Wires

Use some tapes to seal the soldered wires and exposed pins.

Step 4: Assembly

Please follow the video to assembly.

Step 5: Program

Arduino IDE

Download and install Arduino IDE if you are not yet do it:

ESP32 Support

Follow the Installation Instructions to add ESP32 support if you re not yet do it:

Arduino_GFX Library

Download latest Arduino_GFX libraries: (press "Clone or Download" -> "Download ZIP")

Import libraries in Arduino IDE. (Arduino IDE "Sketch" Menu -> "Include Library" -> "Add .ZIP Library" -> select downloaded ZIP file)

Compile & Upload

  1. Connect the device with USB cable
  2. Open Arduino IDE
  3. Open ESPWiFiAnalyzer sample code ("File" -> "Example" -> "Arduino_GFX" -> "ESPWiFiAnalyzer")
  4. Press Arduino IDE "Upload" button

Step 6: Enjoy!

This 2 inches IoT display not only a simple ESP WiFi Analyzer, ESP32 have much more possibilities. It's time to use your imagination to develop your unique IoT device!