Introduction: Portable Kayak Stand

Portable kayak stand

I needed a portable kayak stand to display my kayak at an event. The decision was made with the following goals in mind.

1. Cheap

2. Everything had to be available at Walmart. Since I put off this project at the last minute, I needed to be able to get everything at Walmart since they are opened 24 hours.

3. Minimal tools

This is what I came up with. Its based off of the Suspenz portable kayak stand. 24" tall by 17" wide when in use. folded up it's 36" long.

Step 1: The Materials Needed

Lets go Shopping. I got all the above supplies at Walmart. I'm sure you can find all the above materials at Home Depot, Lowe's, or Ace...

8 - 7/8" x36" wood dowels (the wood dowels come in 3 feet lengths. no cutting needed)

1 - pack of the 1-3/8" screw eyes

1 - pack of the # 8 washers

1 - pack of the # 8 wood screws

1 - pack of the 1/8" braided nylon rope

2 - pack of the 6 foot lashing strap

The wood dowels can be founded in the craft section.

the screws, washers, and rope can be found in the hardware section.

the lashing strap is found in the camping section.

All the above should be about $26.00 before tax.

Step 2: Tools Needed

1 - 3/32" drill bit

1 - 1/8" drill bit

1 - Drill

1 - #2 Phillips screw driver

1 - tape measure or yard stick

1 - lighter

1 - needle nose pliers

Step 3: Measure and Drill Wood Dowels

Measure all the wood dowels 18" from the side. that should be exactly in the middle of the wood dowels.

use the 3/32" drill bit and drill at the marked spot in the middle of the width of the wood dowels. do not drill all the way through. about 1/2 way should be enough.

Repeat for all 8 wood dowels.

Now use the 1/8" drill bit, and drill in the center at the end.

Repeat for all 8 dowels

Step 4: Screw Eye Screws

Now take the eye screws, and screw in to the drilled holes marked in the middle of the wood dowels. start the eye screws by hand and use the screw driver to screw the eye screw all the way into the wood dowels.

Step 5: Make the Straps

take the 6 foot lashing straps. remove all of the buckles and save them for another project. take the strap and cut them half. making 2 3 foot sections. use a lighter and singe the cut ends.

now take the 3 foot sections and cut them in half again.

again use the lighter and singe all the cut ends.

you should end up with 4 18" straps.

repeat for the other 6 foot strap.

You will end up with 8 18" straps.

Once you have all 8 straps mark each strap 1/2" from the ends.

use a needle nose pliers and hold a needle to heat the tip over a flame until its red and burn a hole in the marks you have made. The hole just has to be slightly smaller than the screws.

Step 6: Putting Everything Together

take 4 of the dowels, 4 straps, 4 screws, 4 washers, and the nylon rope.

thread the nylon rope into each of the eyelet, twice and use a square knot and tie it loosely.

now use a washer and a screw and screw through the holes you made in the straps. make sure each end of the dowel has 2 straps.

now repeat for the other stand.

when your done you should have a pair of portable kayak stands.

Step 7: Finished

Now you should have a pair of portable kayak stands. The project took about 1 hour to do. it was more than enough to display my SOF kayak that weights about 30lbs. If your kayak is heavier that that I would suggest going to Home Depot or Lowe's and getting Oak dowels. and maybe wrapping the rope 3 times around the wood dowels. With the oak dowels upgrade I don't see any reason that the stands will not support a standard plastic kayak up to 75lbs.

I hope you have enjoyed this. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have fun!!!