Introduction: Portable Mini Disc Golf Basket

This cheap portable disc golf basket is great for any living room, dorm or office. Fun and addicting to play with, and easy to store when you need to your space to look sharp. 

Step 1: Materials for Base

For the base you will need....

- About 4 ft. of 1/2" PVC pipe
- (x4) End caps 1/2" PVC
- (x3) Three way 1/2" PVC Splitter
- (x3) Straight 1/2" PVC Connector 
- (x1) End Plug 1/2" PVC
- (x1) Set of washer and small screw

This can all be found at home depot for pretty cheap. The only piece that may be difficult to locate is the last one, I'll include some more detailed shots so you know what you're looking for. 

Step 2: Making the Basket

____________________________________ MATERIALS _________________________________________

The crux of the basket is an old fan. I used one from Target from their room essentials line. I took the fan apart to see how it worked and when I put it back together it didn't spin very fast anymore. The fan became a couple other projects before finding a home as this disc golf basket. The diameter of the fan is about 10.5" inches and the ratio between it and the diameter of the mini discs (later) is pretty true to that of a real basket and disc. Anyway, this fan works great but I'm sure you have an old one around your house or can find an old one at a Good Will.

You will also need about 8 lengths of one foot of light chain. Another pretty cheap home depot purchase. 

Finally you will need some rubber bands. 

_____________________________________ ASSEMBLY _________________________________________

Connect the lengths of chain between the top and bottom sections of the fan evenly spaced apart. Drill a hole into the center of the top section of the basket and connect the backet to the top of the end plug with your screw and washer. To close up the hole on the bottom  half of the basket you can do what ever will work for your fan. I made a little lattice with rubber bands that works very well. But a small piece of tin with a hole cut out for the pvc pipe would work as well. 

Step 3: Assembly

Cut your 4 foot PVC rod into two 2 foot sections. The first two foot section should be cut into 3 pieces that are shorter than the diameter of your basket. The second 2 foot section should be cut into 6 four inch pieces. 

I wrapped all of my PVC in shiny silver duct tape to make it feel more authentic. If you want to do that too, or paint, now is a good time. 

Assemble the stand as shown in the photograph. The four inch pieces, end caps and 3 way connectors should make up the bottom of the base while the remaining 3 sections and 3 connectors should constitute the shaft. Connect the top of the basket with the top of the shaft using a PVC connector and your basket is assembled! 

Step 4: The Discs!

The discs I use for the basket are commonly used as markers for shots in real disc golf. Most companies sell their own and some of the best flyers are Innova's and Vibram's. You can grab these from your local disc golf store or find them for cheap online. Another alternative I've found are the tops of lysol cans. The are a similar size to the mini discs and often fly much better. 

Step 5: Final Words

Incase you couldn't tell, the basket becomes portable by disconnecting all the PVC and putting it inside the two halves of the fan. The chains should just fold right in. I keep the two halves together with a small bungie, but a rubber band or some twist ties would work too! 

I hope you like the basket! Its a super easy project that is great to make (and play) with kids! Please comment if you discover any other Mini Disc alternatives.