Charge Your Cellphone From 9V Battery

Introduction: Charge Your Cellphone From 9V Battery

Many times it happens that we forget to carry power bank with us and our mobile also run out of battery, In this instructable, i have build a simple yet useful circuit by which you can charge your cellphone from general purpose 9V battery or a 12V battery.

The circuit uses only few components and is very cheap and portable.

Step 1: Components Required

Following components are required to build this circuit

1) 7805 IC

2) 9V battery

3) Small Heatsink

4) Wire

5) Female USB connector

Step 2: Schematics

In the schematic shown, 7805 IC is acting as a heart of the system.

7805 IC is a very cheap 5V linear regulator.

Being a linear regulator, you can't expect high efficiency from 7805, but yes it can save your life sometime.

Step 3: Connections and Setup

I mounted the 7805 IC on a small heatsink and then i secured 9V battery connector on the top of the heatsink using glue gun.

I also secured the female USB socket on the heatsink using hot glue gun.

Step 4: Testing the Circuit

By this time, the setup was almost complete and was ready to be tested.

I connected the circuit to the 9V battery and then used a USB cable to connect the circuit to the cellphone, the cellphone started charging as can be seen in the image.

Finally the project was successfully completed.

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    Question 2 years ago

    What phones can be charged by this 9v batteries? I have a NiMH battery. Can it be used to recharge such phones?