Introduction: Portable PC Speaker Box

I wanted to buy some nice speakers to play music from my phone with a little more volume and bass, however, it's always better to work with the resources available. Old PC speakers can easily provide a boost to music, but are meant to be plugged into the wall, and set apart.

To make your own portable Speaker box, you will need:

- A set of PC speakers

- The PC speaker power adapter (This guide is made for a 9V output adapter, and will need to be modified for other output voltages)

- A 9V battery and connector snap

- Shrink wrap / Electrical tape

Tools required include:

- Wire cutters

- Soldering Iron


Step 1: Modify Power Adapter

Cut the end of the power adapter cable, separating it to the power adapter brick and the barrel jack.

Because this adapter has an AC output it does not matter how the wires are soldered to the 9V.

On a DC output power supply, solder the red wire of the battery snap to the red/white/colored wire of the barrel jack, and black to the black wire.

After connecting the barrel jack to the 9V battery snap, cover the connections with electrical tape, and then add a battery

Step 2: Cleaning Up and Polishing

Use zip ties to clean up the cables behind the speakers and to join the speakers together. I used one tie through the top to make a handle for easy carrying and attached the battery with another. Use wire cutters to snip the excess cable.

Have fun with some boosted portable music!