Portable Pantry

Introduction: Portable Pantry

I store all kinds of stuff in sealer jars but having them accessible is not always easy. This simple solution means I can find what I need without playing tetris with glass. I can also easily take what I need to where I need it. Grab & go...

Step 1: There Is Only One Step!

The picture on this is truely worth a thousand words! I have my baking supplies in here (that's not dust, its flour!) *smile*

Sewing, notions, art supplies, anything you might keep in jars can go in here.

This one is just a cheap dollar store shoe holder. I cut mine down so it fits my space. If you wanted to sew them to fit a space, or to fit other shapes of jars there are other instructables on making pockets.

This is also great in my RV, each jar is protected.

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    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! I keep my unders in shoe holders too. *smile*