Introduction: Portable Playstation 3

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One thing I have wanted for a long time is to be able to take my games with me everywhere!!

I don’t have big bucks or a fancy workshop this instructable was made in my little flat with some really basic tools, ( a piece of flint and a brick ) no just playing they weren't that stone age.

I wanted to make this on a budget, I say budget but I didn't record a penny that I spent but I know it was less than 80 pounds. I think for the money spent I did a good job, for the first one that is ( I plan to make more ).

Sorry! I didn't take any step by step pictures so please pretend in your head that I am in some sort of lab and it all looks very important!

Here Goes!

Below is a small video showing off the case, Its a little dark but gives you a nice preview :).

Step 1: Measuring Up!

Measuring up!

Ok as you can see from the picture my work space is the floor, but don’t worry it’s organized mess. The first step in this build was to see that everything was going to fit, this also give me some idea as to what I was going to do.

My idea was to mount a small Tv and a playstation 3 inside a rugged case with extras like fans, lights and stuff and be able to take it with me on gaming nights with mates. The TV that I used was something I had lying around, it was 1080i so HD but not amazing. I bodged a lot in this instructable like not having a ruler which sucked a lot, so I used a measuring tape and a bit of good old luck.

Mounting the Tv screen was very tricky, I was going to use the mount supplied with the Tv but it made it stick out too far and would cause problems closing. So I used the mount as a template and got it as straight as I could on the inside of the lid and marked it up with a sharpie.

Then using a dremel with the wrong size drill bit ( I love making things difficult ) I then drilled four holes for the screws that came with the mount. I noticed that the screws were a little on the long side so I put some washers on them to make a snug fit.

Now getting them screws into the Tv with no help was really annoying I pushed the screws through and could not find the whole so I had a clever thought and pushed a screwdriver through to guide the two holes together to put the screw through ( Don’t be rude )

Step 2: Success the Screens In!

Success the screens in!

I was happy with what I was looking at, most projects it takes a good while before you start getting excited but from that point on I just wanted it finished and ripping up some Portable Gaming! ( Might hit starbucks with this ).

So I have the screen in and I have already attached the HDMI and power cable as you do have access to the ports and this tv has a lot but its very narrow as I found out trying to plug my Dre’s into it. The screen is not huge : ( but at that moment its all I had that would fit I have a 23” 3D LG screen which would have been amazing!!! but it didn’t fit! but this is 1080i and does the trick.

So I put everything in to see how it would all fit and I made the decision to have my PS3 facing left so I had access to the cd drive this later changed as the cables at the back stuck out too far.

Next step cooling I need fans!

Step 3: Gathering a Building a Fan Unit

Gathering a building a fan unit

Well I didn't really want my PS3 to get this hot but hey that’s another project : )

So I went all hunter gatherer on the components I have and found a box of pc fans that I have had for a while, to my surprise as I have never hooked these up they were really powerful and leafblower shaped PERFECT!.

My plan was to basically hook some fans up on a piece of plastic and wire them up to a 12v DC adaptor, I didn’t have any plastic and I needed something a bit stronger so I used a carbon fiber Ray Ban sunglasses case which looked really cool.

The PS3 slim sucks air from the vents on the front and two sides and expels hot air from the back, so I lined the fans up so that they are hitting both sides of the PS3 and there was a big gap at the back to expel hot air. So I made a line of three and noticed that I want more so I hooked up another three and the power held up just fine, there was some serious wind action going on here they were like mini leaf blowers!.

Step 4: Hooking Up the Fan Unit

Hooking up the fan unit

So I did a little structural work and joined them together using adhesive foam and mounted them under the PS3, what was quite cool about these fans was they were clever whenever you stopped them with your hand they would turn off for a few seconds and restart, also if you restricted them they would compensate by speeding up I was very impressed.

I foamed the fans to the bottom of the case which held perfect, I then using some small blocks of wood also foamed to the case to raise the PS3 up to increase airflow and not restrict the fans.

Now it was time to hook up the power supply, > : 0 English power supplies are huge!!!!!! I was not happy at all I wanted space to fit some accessories and the power leads ate it all up. None of the work I have done is permanent I can change it at any time so I might swap to an american power strip that should help with space.

So I guess you're wondering what going to hold the PS3, well its straps that I bought and sawed some velcro on both sides and the PS3 fits snug as a bug!

I am not sure if you noticed but the PS3 logo is blue........ This is a very simple mod using the wondrous SUGRU which I have fallen deeply in love with ; P all you do is fill the embossed part of the logo and scrape a soft card over the top to remove the excess and then smooth the top with your finger!

Step 5: Ok the Finished Article!

Ok the finished article!

Ok I won’t bore you any longer its a PS3 in a box woo hoo! here are a few things just to round it up!

I used the foam supplied with the rugged case to cover over the power supplies and around the screen just to give it a nice effect.

That glowing orb on the bottom left is the control for the speakers which looks rad with the led colors.

Ok if i've missed anything please do give me a shout in the comments i'll give you more info!

You should really try this its really simple and it's a great project for students and people who travel a lot and no your not restricted to a ps3 the world's your oyster!

Thank you very much for taking a look and subscribe for more!!!