Introduction: Portable Powered Breadboard and LED Tester

A inexpensive, quick and easy, portable powered breadboard and LED tester. You can easily test your LED's before using them in your projects to make sure they work first. The remaining open holes in the protoboard allow for quick use of a breadboard.

Step 1: Materials


[ MeasureExplorer 3" Protoboard or smaller]
Breakaway Female Header, cut to size, or something similar from an old board you have laying around.
RadioShack Battery Box
Solder and Soldering gun
Double Sided Sticky pads

Step 2: Layout

Take your MeasureExplorer Protoboard and mark off the holes you will need to use. For this project I am using a row for positive power and one for the negative. You will need to take an exacto knife and scratch off the connections on both sides to isolate those rows from the rest of the connected board. That will be your breadboard later on and you can isolate areas that you wish to use.

After making your scratched lines, use a continuity tester to check and make sure the rows are not still connected to one another or the rest of the board. Each row should still have a connection to the holes in it.

Step 3: Solder Components

Solder on your headers, one for each row leaving a few open holes at the bottom and top of the rows. The open holes on the positive side will allow you to connect the battery holder and resistor.

After your headers are soldered on, add the remaining components.

As mentioned earlier, the open holes at the top will allow you to jump power and ground to the open area for breadboard production at a later time when you need.

Step 4: Mounting to Battery Pack

Use your double sided sticky pads and cut them to fit over the screw holes. This will allow you to stick the board on top of the battery pack. I stuck mine on the side that has the on/off switch so i can easily use power when needed.

Step 5: Test and Use

Now you can test your LED's before using them in a project as well as utilize the remaining board as a mini breadboard.

Hope you enjoy.