Introduction: Portable SMS Motion Alarm (Linkit One)

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This simple project is for a truly portable stealth motion alarm using the Linkit One (LIO) prototype board. Since the LinkitOne is battery powered you can put it anywhere you like.

The LIO is like Arduino on steroids. One of the nice extras is a GSM (mobile) unit capable of SMS and more.

The features of this project:

  • Motion detection
  • SMS notification
  • Battery status notification

In terms of parts, all you need is the LinkitOne and a motion sensor (PIR), such as readily available Arduino addons and a 1 Kohm resistor.

Step 1: Setup

  1. Install the IDE as described by Mediatek: LinkitOne IDE
  2. Upload a simple blink sketch to the LIO just to get warm.
  3. Get your SIM ready:
    1. First put the SIM in a phone
    2. Use phone settings to remove SIM-lock (PIN). The LIO GSM module doesn't support PIN.
    3. Slide the SIM into the holder on the back with the connector facing the board and the cut corner sticking out (see picture)
  4. Wire the PIR sensor to 5v, GND and signal to D2.
  5. Attach the pulldown resistor to GND and D2.

Step 2: The Code

  • Download the sketch
  • Open it up in the IDE
  • Enter your phone number
  • Upload

You are done! If everything works you should get a startup message.

Hide it somewhere and wait for someone to pass.