Introduction: Portable School Kit

Hey there i will show you how to make a school kit .its made from ply wood and is portable it can hold some of your books,pen,pencilsand even rulers you will love it lets begin.


4.1.5 thick of ply wood

Step 1: Measuring the Parts of the Wood

Measure the length and breadth for the top and bottom covers of the portable schoolkit length 25cm ,breadth 29cm for the side length and breadth for both sides are 25cm by 6cm and 29cm by 4cm .

Step 2: Cutting Out the Parts

Cut out the marked out parts with the aid of a cutter.use a sander to smoothen the edges

Step 3: Gluing the Edges

Fix every edge of the cut out parts to the base of the wood with adhesive .it will form a box

Step 4: Measurement & Marking Out of Elastic Points

Rule a line in the middle of the base of the box .start the markung out on the already drawn line starting with th ruler 3cm,pencil1cm,eraser3cm,shapener 2.5cm , compass 1.5cm , divider 1.5cm , pen 1cm and note book 10cm note book is going to be attached to the cover.then fix the elastic on each marked out area on the kit box

Step 5: Designing the Box

You can use markers to design your kit or even cut out patterns from coloured books and even some stickers it all depends on your imagination and how you want your kit to look like.

Step 6: Gluing the Handle to the Edge Cover

Apply glue on the handle then fix it to the edge cover of the box in order to be able to open and close the kit.

Step 7: Gluing the Edge Cover With Handle to the Main Cover

Apply glue along the length of the edge cover then fix it on the cover as shown in the picture then set it out to dryyou can put something behind as a surpport to hold it from falling

Step 8: Fixing the Hinges

Take a long hinge then drill hols on the box to screw it in place then drill other holes to the cover for proper movements if yours is not stable you can use two small hinges in yours.then your done with the kit thanks for reading.

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