Introduction: Portable Skateboard

In daily life, skateboards are long and inconvenient to carry and store, so I want to build a foldable skateboard that can be lifted.

Step 1: Create a Foldable Board

In life, the skateboard is usually about

100 cm, which takes up a lot of space when it is not used at ordinary times, and it is also easy to touch other things when carrying them, which is not very safe.In order to make it more convenient for people to use skateboards, the skateboard can be divided into three parts, and the two parts of the skateboard can be folded up, so that the space can be saved when the skateboard is placed at ordinary times, and it will not easily touch others when the skateboard is picked up. From the basic figure, choose the cube to set the color and size that you like. I set it to 60 cm long, 24 cm wide and 1 cm high. Choose another square, set to 20cm long, 24cm wide and 1cm high. Choose a semicircle as your favorite color and appropriate size, and turn it clockwise 22.5 ° with the rectangle, the other side is the same, and finally choose these three parts to make it right. Then choose a square, which is 6cm long, 10cm wide and 1cm high, as the hinge to link the gap of the skateboard surface, so that a folding board surface can be done. It can be combined as a whole for the convenience of subsequent operation.

Step 2: Set Up the Scaffold

In the basic figure, choose a square to set the color and size I like. I set it as 9cm long, 5cm wide and 1cm high. Select the shape as shown in the second figure as the appropriate size, I set the length of 9 cm and the width of 1 cm, select it and copy another one, combine the two of them and the small rectangle as shown in the third figure, select and combine them to form a whole. Select the cylinder, set it to 3cm in diameter and 5cm in height, rotate it clockwise 45 °, and combine it as shown in Figure 5.

Step 3: Set Up the Wheel and Connect It With the Bracket Through the Shaft

Select the wheel,set it to your favorite color and size, I set the diameter to 9cm and adjust the center radius to 10.4, and copy one. Select the cylinder and adjust the height to 34 cm and the diameter to 1.5 cm. Select a ring and adjust the height to 24 cm and the outer diameter to 6 cm. The cylinder and ring are combined as shown in Figure 5, and the two wheels are combined as shown in Figure 6. Then combine the combined axle wheel with the bracket.

Step 4: Combination

Make a copy of the whole assembled in the third step, select two of them to rotate 180 ° and combine them with the plate.

Step 5: Design a Handle

When the skateboard is folded up, it is rectangular and inconvenient for the user to carry. My idea is to add a handle on the side of the skateboard. Haha, it is more like a small bag. It is convenient to carry when the board is folded up. The handle is best made of cotton and linen fabric, with a little elasticity. It will not hang down when playing skateboard, and will not affect normal use. When not in use, it can To hold it up and not hold it. Select a torus in the basic drawing to set it to a diameter of 20 cm and a thickness of 1 cm. When selecting a square, set it as a hollow, make it big enough to cover half of the ring, select the square and the ring and combine them to form a half ring, and combine them with the established board, so that a convenient handle can be done.

Step 6: Design Your Skateboard

My idea is to set the pattern on the skateboard as paste, you can have a variety of stickers, you can decorate your own skateboard, and change your mood at any timeSelect a square to set it as a hollow, 9cm long and 1cm wide, and then copy and paste it with the skateboard. The same is true for the other side. Select the combination of these four hollow cuboids and skateboard to form a hollow design. Add wyy at the bottom of the skateboard. I set it to 1cm high, 50cm long and 15cm wide. Add a five pointed star with a length of 15 cm, a width of 1 cm and a height of 12 cm, a width of 15 cm and a height of 1 cm to the right and left sides of the skateboard in the center of the top surface of the skateboard, and center it for the sake of the beauty of the skateboard.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Skateboard

This is not only a joyful appreciation after completion, but also a key step to find problems and deficiencies.

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